Fresh flowers in a vase sitting on a table in a modern, pretty apartment

Senior housing independent living in Madison Heights doesn’t have to be boring and clinical. Senior housing tends to have a bad reputation for being boring and almost hospital-like, but that isn’t the case. 

In fact, many senior homes like our senior housing independent living in Madison Heights encourage each senior that walks through our door to create a space that’s comfortable and homey. After all, we want the apartments at The Reserve at Red Run to feel like home, because it is home, for as long as you need it to be. 

Decorating your new apartment is likely going to be a bit different from decorating your home, though. It’s likely going to be a much smaller space in a new environment, and trying to determine what exactly you can do may be something you aren’t used to. 

If you’re trying to change up the design in your senior living apartment, here are some tips you might want to try:


1. Use natural light

There’s nothing quite like natural light to make your space feel much brighter and more inviting. It can also make your room feel bigger and more spacious, which is much needed when you’re considering the space of a small apartment. 

In addition, natural light is a great mood booster, which is especially important for seniors. It provides Vitamin D which is great for physical health, and having bright, natural light filters into a room helps to keep your body on a natural circadian rhythm. This, especially, is extremely important for seniors, who can struggle to keep a regular sleep schedule. 


2. Focus on using light colors instead of dark colors

Just like natural light, using light colors in your apartment can help to make the space feel bigger and brighter. If you’re allowed to paint the walls, you should consider painting them a bright, neutral-toned color instead of anything dark. This will make the space feel more spacious. Additionally, using light colors can help to calm the eye and your mood.


3. Check the size of your furniture

If you live in a small space, then having large, cumbersome furniture isn’t going to be very beneficial to your design. Instead, consider purchasing smaller, more multi-functional pieces of furniture. Doing this will give you more room in your apartment and free up some much-needed floor space for when you invite friends and family over. 

While it might be tempting to purchase the large couch or massive recliner, consider how much space that piece is going to take up, and how much you’ll actually use that piece of furniture. What’s most important, though, is that you’re happy with your purchase. Make sure to get something that’s going to make you the most comfortable, no matter what size it is!

A happy senior couple sitting in their living room at the senior housing independent living in Madison Heights

4. Keep things accessible

In a senior living community, you’ll be surrounded by other seniors who you are sure to grow close with. And, just as you would do with any other friend, you’re likely going to want to invite your friends over to your apartment for a movie night, for dinner, or any of the other things you may enjoy doing with friends. The issue, though, is that seniors tend to struggle with mobility issues. Many seniors need canes, walkers, or wheelchairs, and tend to shuffle their feet when they walk. Because of this, having an accessible space for both you and your senior friends and loved ones is so important!

When you’re redecorating your apartment, consider the accessibility of your space. Are the spaces between your furniture wide enough to accommodate a friend or family member who uses a walker or a wheelchair? What about your cords, are picked up from the floor? Can you notice if there are any tripping hazards?

Making these changes isn’t only going to help your visitors, but this change will also help you in the long run. You won’t need to worry about tripping over anything after a late night or a midnight bathroom run. Your space will be clear, so you won’t risk a trip over a power cord or stubbing your toe on the corner of a table late at night. You’ll thank yourself later!


5. Speak to the experts

If you’ve read these tips and you still aren’t sure how to best reinvent your space, then you aren’t alone. Trying to decide how you want to decorate can feel overwhelming. The best part about living in a senior living community like this, though, is that there is likely a marketing and design team that works intimately with the senior living community. 

When they’re available, try speaking to the team that helps to design and stage the rooms for marketing purposes. Their entire job is to make the space look as appealing as possible, and so they’re sure to have a unique insight into what makes for the best space. They may be able to give you advice you’d never considered before and breathe new life into your apartment. 


Senior Housing Independent Living in Madison Heights

Here at The Reserve at Red Run, our senior housing and independent living in Madison Heights gives seniors a new and exciting chance to start a new chapter in their lives. It can be difficult to adjust to a new home and a new schedule after you’ve had one established for so long, but creating a fun environment like the one we have here can make any senior feel at home. 

We want each and every one of our residents to truly feel like The Reserve at Red Run was created especially for them and their enjoyment and happiness. It’s a thrilling location with a lot to offer every senior who steps through our doors.

If you or a senior loved one has been considering senior housing independent living in Madison Heights, then Reserve at Red Run may be the right fit for you. Contact us and schedule a tour today to see what all we can offer!