A happy, active senior couple out on a run together

On the surface, it might seem bizarre that seniors might actually want to move into a senior living community instead of staying in their home for as long as possible. Senior living communities tend to have a stigma surrounding them, after all; they have the reputation that seniors are only sent to these communities if their families aren’t able to take care of their senior loved ones themselves or if they simply don’t want to have anything to do with them.

In this modern era, nothing could be farther from the truth. 

At our senior independent living in Michigan here at Reserve at Red Run, you’d be amazed at everything we have to offer our senior residents. From restaurants to art classes, housekeeping services to personal trainers, it’s no wonder why many seniors are making the decision themselves to head into senior living. 


1. You Can Make Progress in Your Health

It may not seem like it, but moving into a senior living community may actually be able to benefit your health in the long run! Because there are more resources, more opportunity, and more options to choose from, joining senior independent living in Michigan or anywhere else across America is actually a great opportunity to get healthier!

Many senior living communities have registered dieticians on staff to help prepare meals throughout the day, and more luxury senior communities like the Reserve at Red Run have several different restaurants on location to give you choices in your eating. While this may not seem like a massive feat, it’s important for these seniors because many seniors often find themselves facing food insecurity which can greatly impact their health. 

In addition, senior living communities will often have different exercise classes and equipment available, ready for you to get more active and moving. At Reserve at Red Run, our senior independent living in Michigan offers tai chi classes, yoga classes, and even personal training sessions that you may never would’ve had access to when you were living on your own. 

Even though it may be small changes, these small changes can make a big difference in your overall health! 


2. It’s Not Just a Center, It’s a New Community

When you move into a senior living center, you’re moving into a new home that comes with ready-made friends and community! It’s hard to give up your full independence and the personal and private space that comes with living in your own home, but a senior living community has so much to offer by way of, well, community. 

When you’re living in a senior living community, you’re surrounded by people who are around your same age, have similar interests, and have access to all of the same amenities that you do. You’ll easily be able to make friends by attending classes, going to the dining areas, or even just stepping out in the hallway. 

It may take some getting used to to feel like you belong in a community that’s already full of people, but you’ll never be short on someone to hang out with. 

A group of residents. enjoy tea while at the senior independent living in Michigan


3. You Don’t Have as Much to Stress About

Making the move to a senior living community can lower your stress significantly, and this can happen almost overnight. When you move to a senior living community, you no longer have to worry about things like utility bills, property taxes, household projects, lawn care, and more. 

Instead, you’ll be able to focus on things that you want to do and enjoy your pastimes in the way they were meant to be enjoyed: stress free. In communities like these, you can attend classes for skills that you’ve never tried before, get more exercise in new and exciting ways, and spend your free time hanging out with new friends within the community. 

All of the worry, stress, and frustration that comes with owning your own home is washed away. You’ll be able to truly enjoy your life in a way that retirement is meant for. 


4. All of the Amenities

One of the best parts about living in a senior living center is the selection of amenities! 

Staying in a senior center in today’s world is much like staying in a luxury apartment complex or at a hotel. An increasing number of senior communities are starting to add things like pools, fitness centers, restaurants, coffee shops, and more. You’d be amazed at what you could find in your typical senior living community. 

At Reserve at Red Run, you’ll be shocked at some of the specialty features that we have to offer at our center for senior independent living in Michigan. If you’re an avid reader, then we have a library and business center on-site, allowing you to check out books to read or use the computers if you don’t have one on your own. We also have an art studio on site with class offerings, so if you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at art, then this is your time to shine!

These aren’t the only amenities we have on offer, though. An incredible amenity that we offer is an on-location barber shop for both men and women! You don’t even need to leave the senior center in order to get your hair cut and trimmed the way you want.

With all of this right at your fingertips, it’s no wonder that some seniors are opting for a community like this over living at home alone!


Senior Independent Living in Michigan

Here at Reserve at Red Run, we understand the importance of giving the seniors in our community something that they’re really looking forward to participating in. We want our senior residents to feel like they’re a part of something special, and we strive to make them feel that way every single day. 

If you or your senior loved one is interested in moving into a senior living community, then we would love to have you. Contact us today to schedule a tour!