Senior woman with her pet dog enjoying senior living apartments in madison heights mi


Having a pet is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. No matter if you have a cat, a dog, a fish, or a bird, your pet is your constant companion. Pets love you unconditionally with their whole heart and always look at you with stars in their eyes. There’s nothing quite like experiencing the love of a pet.


For seniors, a pet can be extremely beneficial in a lot of ways. Not only do pets love you unconditionally and without judgment, but pets also provide an avenue to improve your social health and your physical health. Pets can get you up and moving, and having a furry friend can even help to ease your depression and anxiety.


If you’re looking to get a pet, we are proud to say that our senior living apartments in Madison Heights, MI allow you to bring along your furry friend. But why exactly are pets so beneficial for seniors? Here are a couple reasons why:


1. Owning a pet improves your social life 


When you have a pet, you immediately have a conversation starter for everyone around you. Whether you have a cat who is constantly knocking glasses off of the countertop, or a dog who follows you around the kitchen when they even have the slightest notion that you may have cheese in your hand, connecting with people about their pets is something that everyone can relate to.


Owning a pet makes it easier to make new friends. You’ll have a common interest among other pet owners, and will be able to find unique ways to relate to them. This is true for dog owners, especially. Because dogs need to be walked, many dog owners find themselves out and about on a daily basis, walking through neighborhoods or going to dog parks. This provides an easy avenue for social interaction and making new friends.


2. You’re up and active more 


Being a pet parent is a tough job! It requires more work than a lot of people really give it credit for. Even “easier“ pets, like cats, have a lot of work involved in their care like cleaning litter boxes, taking them to the vet, and other things you would do for any pet. Once again, dog owners especially have to be active because dogs don’t use litter boxes. They have to be taken outside on a regular basis to go on walks and get their energy out and to use the restroom.


This activity, though it may be minimal, is perfect for seniors to get up and get active. Taking care of your pets isn’t going to be an intense workout, but it does force you to get off of the couch or out of your chair, and do something productive. It gets you up and moving, going on walks and just generally keeps you more engaged. For our residents at our senior living apartments in Madison Heights, MI, this gives them a different kind of avenue to get active.


3. Pets help to reduce stress 


There’s a reason why pets serve the purpose of emotional support animals, PTSD service dogs, and even as therapy support. Pets give a unique kind of comfort that no human can truly replicate. 


As we age, and as we continue to deal with the effects of aging, the stress can mount pretty high. Plus, it becomes even more difficult to bounce back from the toll that stress takes on your body. If you struggle with something, like a chronic disease, that toll is only exacerbated.


Spending time with a furry companion can help to lower those stress levels. Spending even a few minutes with a canine friend can help to lower blood pressure and even help to lower cholesterol! These factors help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and other heart related issues in the future. 

Elderly man with a kitten in his arms enjoying senior living apartments in madison heights mi

4. Pets provide a sense of purpose 


Sometimes, as we age, we can feel as though we’re losing a bit of our sense of purpose for life. We no longer have children to take care of, no one is relying on us to provide for them, and we don’t have to go to work. While this doesn’t encompass all that there is to life, for many people, it could feel like they’ve hit a roadblock.


Having a pet, though, can help give you that renewed sense of purpose. Like a child, pets rely on you to take care of their basic needs. They need you to feed them, take them out on walks, bathe them, and to love them. Pets need you.


With this kind of motivation in mind, our seniors know that they have someone depending on them. They know they can’t lay in bed all day and do nothing, because their furry loved one needs them to take care of them. This is one of the main reasons that we allow pets here at our senior living apartments in Madison Heights, MI. We understand that many senior adults can struggle with the idea of what gives them purpose, and we know that pets can help to fill that void. You don’t have to believe behind your furry loved one if you come to Reserve at Red Run.


Enjoying a Furry Friend in our Senior Living Apartments in Madison Height, MI


Many people don’t realize how pets can fill such a vital role in our lives. Pets bring comfort to people of all ages all across the globe, so why should we allow our seniors no access to them?


Reserve at Red Run allows our seniors to have cats and dogs up to 35 pounds if they are properly trained and taken care of. We are happy to give our senior residents a chance to experience the love of a pet. 

If you are interested in seeing what Reserve at Red Run can do for you and your family, contact us and schedule a tour today!