Whether you are moving into your first apartment or trying to downsize into a senior living apartment, trying to figure out the best way to maximize your space is important for anyone. Not all apartments are created equal and some apartments are going to come with more storage options than others. If you notice that your apartment may be a bit smaller than you’re used to, it can seem daunting to try to figure out how to best maximize your space and make it efficient in a way that doesn’t look too maximalist or too minimalist. 


Here at Reserve at Red Run, our luxury Madison Heights senior apartments are designed to give you the most bang for your buck. And, just like any other apartment, we want you to be able to make it feel like home. 


Are you trying to figure out the best way to maximize the space in your new senior apartment? Here are a few tricks that might help:


1. Make a plan about your furniture. 


As much as you may love that massive sectional couch from your previous home, it might not be the best choice to maximize your space in a senior living apartment. Senior living apartments, while wonderful for your family and convenient for you, are not always very spacious. You’re going to have to make decisions about what’s important to keep and what you think you can let go of.


Sometimes it can be hard to make those decisions. Our furniture has been through a lot with us,  and leaving pieces behind can sometimes feel like losing a family member. However, you shouldn’t be discouraged. Consider the idea of passing along your furniture to your loved ones. Ensure that your most loved pieces go to the people you most want to have them. 


You can use that time with your family to go and get new furniture for your apartment. Make new memories with them while choosing new pieces. Choose your decorations for your new apartment with your family’s help, giving you the perfect amount of furniture for your new space complete with new memories.


2. Enhance the lighting in your apartment. 


You would be amazed at the difference that good lighting can have in an apartment. Lighting can make your apartment go from looking small and dark to large, bright, and airy. It all depends on the lighting you choose and what kind of vibe you want for your apartment. 


Having natural lighting in your apartment is going to make the biggest difference if you want your apartment to look larger. However, natural lighting is not going to help at night time. When it gets dark outside you need to ensure that you have plenty of lighting to make your room feel bright. A single, overhead light may not provide enough light for your apartment.


When you’re choosing your lighting, make sure that you get lamps and other small lights in order to give your apartment a more homey feel. Having the overhead light on all the time can make your home feel too clinical. A lamp adds a touch of warmth and a bit of extra brightness that you need. Our Madison Heights senior apartments are the perfect place to let your creativity fly.


3. Set up aesthetic storage spaces. 


No matter whether you live in a house or an apartment, you can never have enough storage. Storage is a hot commodity and having good storage options is a big selling point for a lot of homeowners. Why would your senior apartment be any different?


The biggest issue, though, is trying to find storage solutions that aren’t bulky and don’t ruin the aesthetic of your apartment. Adding additional shelves is great, but having too many shelves can make your apartment seem cluttered. Instead, opt for storage solutions that can pull double duty.


Purchase an ottoman that has storage space where you can store extra blankets and sheets. Go vertical and hang your accessories right on the wall as decoration. Use under the bed storage bins to hide your seasonal clothing. Use a hollow coffee table to store extra books or to use as a desk space. Coming up with creative storage solutions is always fun and can add extra personality into your home.

Senior woman looking through shirts to clean out clutter for her madison heights senior apartments

4. Clean out the clutter. 


An easy way to lose a lot of space in a new home is by having too much clutter. Typically, when you move into a senior apartment, you’re downsizing after having lived in your own home. Living in your own home allows you to accumulate a lot of things that you don’t necessarily need.


When you begin your move into a senior apartment, use that opportunity to clean out some of the clutter that you’ve accumulated over the years. No, you don’t need three separate microwaves. If you haven’t started learning to crochet by now, it’s likely that you won’t start anytime soon. You do not need six boxes of crayons. Little things like this can help you free up a lot of space, and you’ll be surprised at how clear and bright your apartment is without all the extra stuff.


Making the Most Out of Your Madison Heights Senior Apartment


Here at Reserve at Red Run, we want you to feel like our Madison Heights senior apartments are home. We understand that moving away from your home is extremely difficult, and having to change your way of life can be scary and overwhelming. We hope that by making the space your own that you’ll truly be able to settle in and feel like you belong. Whether you’ve been in senior living before, or this is your first time, you deserve to feel excited, happy, and appreciated.


If you’re interested in seeing what Reserve at Red Run can do for you, contact us and schedule a tour today.