A senior woman packing up boxes to prepare to move to a senior living community

Just because you’re moving into a retirement community doesn’t mean that the move is going to be completely stress-free. In fact, moving into a retirement community comes with its own set of brand new stressors as you prepare to enter a new phase in your life that’s different from all of the ones before. Senior living might be similar to your previous way of life, sure, but living on your own and living in a retirement center are two very different things, and making the move can be a massive undertaking. 

Whether you’re moving into The Reserve at Red Run’s retirement community in Madison Heights, MI or moving into one a bit closer to home, making a plan for move-in day will go a long way in lessening your stress levels. Here are some tips to help you get prepared for moving day:


1. Create a plan

No matter what task you’re completing, whether that’s creating a to-do list for your workday or heading on vacation, you can never go wrong with creating a plan. Why would a major life change like moving into a retirement community in Madison Heights, MI be any different? In short: it’s not. 

Moving, whether you’re moving down the street into a new apartment or across the country into a retirement community, takes a lot of planning. Create a list of your to-dos for the move. Look online for tips and tricks to make the moving process go more smoothly. Do research on rest areas and hotels if you’re making a long drive. Future you will thank you!


2. Visit before moving day

This seems obvious, but not everyone is able to see their new home before they get ready to move in for a wide variety of reasons. If at all possible, schedule a tour to visit your new home or apartment before moving day. Seeing the dimensions and the floor plan online is one thing, but actually experiencing it for yourself adds a whole new layer of the experience in your mind. 

For example, a nook that you may have wanted to put a reading chair in may be too small for the chair that you’ve actually picked out. Or, the counters that you thought would be white are actually black in your apartment, and now the design in your mind needs to be changed. 

Whatever the reasons may be, you’re never going to regret getting an up close and personal look at your new home before you actually move in. 


3. You don’t need to bring everything with you

Before you start packing up all of your things left, right, and center, consider how much space you’re going to have in your new home. Are you really going to need the three bookcases worth of craft supplies in your one bedroom apartment if you’re just a casual crafter? Do you need backstocked editions of Better Homes and Gardens from 1994? The answer is probably no. 

If you have the time, really go through your belongings before you move to see what is truly important to bring with you. If it’s still useful but no longer necessary for you, consider donating it or giving it to a loved one if it has sentimental value. You’ll thank yourself later when you go to unpack!

A stack of moving. boxes ready to go to the retirement community in Madison Heights, MI

4. Check the rules about pets

While many retirement communities welcome our four-legged friends, there are also many that do not for a wide variety of reasons. For example, The Reserve at Red Run’s retirement community here in Madison Heights, MI is not currently a pet-friendly community, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be in the future. 

If you’ve got a furry friend and you’re considering moving, do your research. Is your community pet-friendly? If not, create a plan on how to ensure your furry friend receives the most love and care. A family member is surely one who will love and cherish your four-legged best friend while you’re gone. Plus, staying with a family member means frequent visits!


5. Go digital

If you’re anything like many Americans, you tend to keep a small hoard of papers because they seem important and might be useful later. The issue is that it takes up so much space! Don’t be afraid to go digital. Scan those important papers into an online server like Dropbox, and save yourself the space!


6. Pack an overnight bag

Once you move in, you’re going to have a sudden burst of energy to get unpacked right away. After a few hours, though, you’ll still be surrounded by boxes with the end nowhere in sight, and you’ll be ready to go to bed. The bad part? All of your clothes are still packed away, because you haven’t gotten to unpacking the bedroom yet!

Not you, though. You were prepared with your overnight bag with spare clothes, pajamas, hygiene products, towels, and more – everything you need for a couple nights without having to go through the boxes. That way, as long as you can get your bed ready, all of the other boxes can wait. Plus, even if you aren’t able to get your bed ready right away, you’ll still be able to grab your overnight bag and head out for a night at a hotel for a good night’s rest. Easy!


The Best Retirement Community in Madison Heights, MI

The Reserve at Red Run is proud to offer an incredible retirement community here in Madison Heights, MI. Our luxury facility is among the best of the best when it comes to food options, amenities, and a full social calendar!

We understand that moving here can be difficult. Going from living with family or living independently to moving into a retirement center is a major adjustment. However, we encourage you to think of it like any other move you’ve made throughout your life. Moving into The Reserve at Red Run isn’t the end; it’s simply a new beginning. We’re thrilled to be able to be on this journey with you.

If you’re interested in making The Reserve at Red Run your new home, we’d love to have you. Contact us to schedule a tour today and see what our community can be for you!