two senior women sitting outside enjoy coffee together

There’s a general misconception that life is going to be dull when you move into a senior living community. When most people think of senior living, they think of seniors in wheelchairs who are sitting around playing bingo or watching the news. While those activities can be fun and enjoyable, it’s not all that a modern senior independent living center has to offer.


In the modern day, senior independent living centers like Reserve at Red Run’s senior independent living in Michigan, have stepped up to the plate and made living in a senior independent living community feel like a luxury apartment complex. There are always activities to do, new foods to try, and new people to meet. You’re almost guaranteed to find someone you can connect with during any of our fun activities, or even just by seeing someone out in the hall.


Have you been looking for ways to connect at your senior living community? Here are some ways that might help:


1. Participate in the social activities 


Senior independent living communities are packed full of fun things to do. From movie nights to ice cream socials, you’re never going to be short on a social event to attend when you live in a senior living community. Some modern senior independent living communities, like Reserve at Red Run’s senior independent living in Michigan, will even have updated social nights like ones that provide live entertainment.


These social events are great ways that you can connect with some of the other residents of your senior living community. That doesn’t mean that you have to attend every single social function that your senior living community hosts. Find ones that you think are interesting, and it’ll make it easier for you to be able to connect with the other residents who are attending the program. With that point of entry into this conversation, you’ll be able to talk to your fellow residents about things they enjoy, things that they don’t enjoy, and find out more about them as a person. You’ll soon be on your way to making fast friends.


2. Try a new creative pursuit 


There’s a reason why activities like wine and design are so popular, and that’s because you get to share a creative pursuit with the people around you. While it’s fun to have your own hobbies and enjoy those hobbies on your own, it can be just as fun to try something new with other people who’ve never tried the same thing before.


You can bond over things that you enjoyed about the activity, things that you wish might have worked a little better, and things that you were simply bad at. It makes trying a new activity something fun and exciting, and turns a simple class into a way to make new friends. Plus, you may even get a new hobby out of it, and you already have a ready-made group of people to enjoy doing that hobby with you.


3. Join an exercise club 

Senior group enjoying a workout class together at senior independent living michigan

Exercise is just as, if not more, important as a senior than it is during the rest of your life. Seniors who maintain good exercise habits will continue to have both mental and physical health benefits. There’s a reason why many senior living centers put such an emphasis on health classes and fitness centers!


However, working out by yourself can be lonely and difficult. Instead of trying to tackle your work out alone, consider joining one of the many exercise clubs that your senior living community likely has. Joining an exercise class is not only a great way to be social with the other residents around you, but it’s an awesome way to get up and get active in a way that you may have never tried before. Exercise classes open new doors for new workouts, new types of exercise, and most importantly, new workout friends.


4. Attend religious services 


Many senior living communities offer religious services throughout the week. If you consider yourself to be a religious person, explore what kind of religious services your senior living community has to offer.


Not only are religious services and religious participation a great way to get involved with the community at large, they also give you the opportunity to connect with people in your community who share the same beliefs as you do. Through that avenue, you can make friends to study your religious text with, to pray with, and more. 


5. Promote “field trips” or attend the ones your community offers 


Field trips were always the best part of school, and that feeling doesn’t go away when you’re older. There’s something inherently exciting about getting on a bus with your friends and going out to do something you didn’t have to plan, even if it’s just to an area right down the street. 


Many senior living centers, including Reserve at Red Run’s senior independent living in Michigan, enjoy sponsoring “field trips” like this for their residents to enjoy. They can get out for a while and go do something fun like attending a movie, going out for dinner, or even going shopping. 


These little field trips are fun ways to get out of your room and go enjoy time with those around it. It’s an easy way to form friendships, get out on the town, and simply have a good time!


Enjoying life at Reserve’s Senior Independent Living in Michigan 


Your social life isn’t over when you move into a senior living community, and the residents and staff here at Reserve at Red Run’s senior independent living in Michigan want to make sure that you know that. There’s plenty to do and plenty more people to speak with from all walks of life. You’ll learn more and make more exciting friendships than you ever have before. 

If you’re interested in seeing what Reserve at Red Run has in store for you, contact us and schedule a tour today!