A senior man chops of veggies on a cutting board

Why is nutrition so important for seniors?

As much as it pains us to admit it, seniors need to practice good nutrition more than anyone else. Because they are more prone to disease and other nutrition-related health-effects, it’s vital for seniors to get all of the nutrition that they need to have the proper vitamin intake, strong bones, and active muscles.

At our senior independent living in Michigan, the Reserve at Redrun strives to give every senior exactly what they need to give them the healthiest and most balanced diet possible. You never know what could make the slightest difference in improving a senior’s health and happiness: from the community around them, to having their favorite dish at dinner. 

A healthy, balanced diet given to happy, active seniors leads to a more fulfilled experience for any senior in a retirement community, especially those in our senior independent living in Michigan. Plus, if you’re looking for other reasons why it’s important to keep a healthy diet, we’ve got a couple here:


1.) A balanced diet improves mood and emotional wellbeing. 

Did you know that certain foods can actually help improve your mood? While there’s still a lot to learn about what kinds of foods have a large effect on your emotions, there is a study that has proven that those who have a low-carb diet are more prone to depression, sadness, and fatigue. 

Of course, a well-balanced diet isn’t the end-all be-all to maintaining good health as a senior. It’s important to maintain a good exercise regimen, drink lots of water, and make better food choices overall. Making an effort to be healthy can go a long way in improving your mood, because when you feel healthy, you feel happier!


2.) Eating well helps to manage weight and food intake.

This may seem like a “no brainer” moment, but maintaining a good, healthy diet helps to manage your weight. Managing your weight could mean several different things: from needing to lose weight to help keep you healthy, or even needing to eat more snacks during the day to keep your weight up!

Living in a senior independent living facility helps you out with that. Because there are often scheduled meal times, it’s easier to stay on track about what you’re eating and when. It makes sure that you don’t skip any meals accidentally, or don’t make too many meals for yourself because you forget when you’re supposed to eat. Plus, being able to be around others and socialize with them as you eat just makes meal times more enjoyable overall, which can help you associate meal times with some good, fun quality time with your neighbors instead of like a chore.


3.) Good nutrition strengthens memory and helps with cognitive loss.

There are many reasons why keeping a healthy and balanced diet as a senior is extremely important, but one of the most important reasons is keeping brain function high.

Seniors are prone to many diseases that affect cognitive abilities as they age, like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. While there is no official study on how a balanced diet can completely prevent these diseases, there are certain nutrients that have been proven to help. 

Omega-3 fatty acids are linked to helping restore cognitive function in senior adults with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Fish like salmon and tuna are the best ways to get this nutrient into your body, but it can also be found in foods like nuts, eggs, soy, and dark, leafy greens. Of course, this isn’t a perfect solution, but with such devastating diseases like this, it’s best to take every advantage you can get!

A senior man enjoys a healthy meal of salmon and peppers


4.) Many facilities have dieticians on staff.

If you’re looking for the best kind of meals for your senior to have, senior independent living facilities really are the best places for them. While not all facilities do, most have registered dieticians on staff to help the kitchen and chefs craft the best balance of foods for you or your loved one in senior living. 

These dieticians can also confer with your senior’s primary care doctor in the facility (or outside of it, if that’s where they elect to go) to see what foods or nutrients might be lacking in your diet and try to accommodate for that. It’s a great way to know that your senior is truly getting exactly what they need out of their mealtimes!


5.) Food security is never an issue.

Because so many seniors are on fixed or limited incomes, many seniors who live outside of the care of a facility struggle with food insecurity. With inflation on the rise, the cost of food is at an all-time high, making it harder for some seniors to make ends meet to feed themselves a healthy, balanced diet. Health problems may prevent them from getting to the grocery store on their own, and getting groceries delivered is expensive. Also, many boxes, bottles, and other items that you might purchase at the grocery store can be heavy, especially for those with limited mobility.

However, living in senior independent living in Michigan takes away those worries. You or your senior never has to worry where their next meal is going to come from, or how they’re actually going to be able to get the food to their house. With dining options and restaurants right outside of their front doors, seniors never have to face food insecurity in a care facility.


Reserve at Redrun

Here at the Reserve at Redrun, we want to make sure that your senior living in senior independent living in Michigan is well taken care of. One of those ways that we can do so is to make sure that your senior is receiving the best meals prepared by our onsite chefs and have easy access to the nutritious meals that they so desperately need. Also, you will never need to worry about your senior having food insecurity here at the Reserve at Redrun. With an onsite restaurant, bistro, pub, and more, we have everything that your senior needs to make their own food choices and get a good meal out of it. 

If you’re interested in touring our upcoming facility or getting more information, contact us today!