A group of senior veterans saluting the American flag

If there is anyone who deserves to live a quiet, stress-free lifestyle in a place that makes them happy, it is our veterans. There is no group of people more deserving of the best that life can give them than veterans, and that includes our senior veterans as well. However, just like any other group of seniors, senior veterans do eventually need assistance with tasks, like keeping up with housework, going grocery shopping, and more. Even if your veteran senior loved one doesn’t struggle with these tasks, sometimes veterans still struggle with other aspects of aging, like a solid social circle and the ability to be active in their community.

Independent living, like Reserve at Red Run’s senior independent living in Michigan, aims to help senior veterans – and all seniors – become a part of a community that cherishes and values them in the hopes of giving them a fulfilled, happy life after retirement. From our chef-created cuisine to our packed activities calendar, Reserve at Red Run’s senior independent living in Michigan might just be what your veteran senior loved one has been searching for. 

Some of the best reasons for a veteran senior to choose independent living are ones you might not think about:


1. The ability to continue to live independently. 

No one is ready to give up on their independence as they age, and this is even more true for our senior veterans. Living in an independent living community, though, is a great way for seniors to retain their independence while still having neighbors and professionals close at hand in case of an emergency. 

In fact, in an independent senior living community, senior residents are still responsible for much of their day-to-day lives. They can cook if they want to, organize their apartment the way they deem fit, have visitors over, and even continue to go to work and other community outings if that’s something that they’re involved with. A senior independent living center is just that: a living center. It’s essentially an apartment complex for seniors, with some added perks like housekeeping assistance and on-site dining.

This is perfect for seniors who are ready to start slowing down, but aren’t quite at the stage of “retirement home” yet. This is a happy compromise, where you’ll have the added support while still being able to live independently. It’s a win-win!


2. Forming a community with other veterans. 

Sometimes, it can be isolating if you don’t have anyone who has shared your life experiences, and this is especially true for veterans. As a veteran, you’ve likely experienced things during your lifetime that the average person will never experience, and relating to people who simply don’t understand can feel overwhelming. 

In senior independent living, though, you’re almost guaranteed to meet someone who shares similar life experiences with you, including other veterans. In fact, many senior living communities likely have veteran support groups or clubs for senior veterans to get together and just talk. 

Senior independent living is home to people of all different ages, races, and backgrounds. It’s a giant melting pot for some incredible people, and you’re sure to find a group of veterans you can relate to and create a community with. 


3. Retain an active lifestyle with exciting opportunities. 

Who says living in senior independent living has to be boring? Contrary to popular belief, being a resident at a senior independent living center doesn’t mean sitting around in your room or apartment all day and watching TV. In fact, many senior independent living centers are chock full of exciting things to do!

For example, at Reserve at Red Run’s senior independent living in Michigan, you’ll never be short on activities to participate in. From art and cooking classes, to trivia, to personal fitness training and yoga, you’re guaranteed to have a packed social calendar. And that’s not even including the clubs or groups you may create during your free time! You may find yourself trying something new that you may have never had the opportunity to do before.

A group of friends enjoy playing a card game together at the best senior independent living in Michigan

4. Other on-site services. 

While not all centers offer this perk, many independent senior living centers have on-site doctors and trained staff to assist the senior residents in case of an emergency. Unlike your typical retirement home or memory care center, seniors in independent living are mostly left to their own devices. However many centers understand that seniors are still in the more vulnerable population, and do try to take precautions for that. 

If nothing else, many senior independent living services will have a close relationship with the local hospital, ready to transport residents immediately if need be. Many will also offer on-site wellness services with a primary care physician or limited services with specialty doctors if need be. When you’re touring different centers, be sure to ask what their policy is about wellness checks and doctor access. 


Senior Independent Living with Reserve at Red Run

Reserve at Red Run’s senior independent living in Michigan offers an incredible way for all seniors – veterans included – to live in a luxury complex that’s been curated specifically for them to have a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life. Between our exciting and diverse class offerings, clubs, fitness availability, and living spaces, you’ll be amazed that Reserve at Red Run was specifically designed with our seniors in mind. Step through our doors, and you’ll have a hard time telling the difference between our center and a high-end apartment complex. 

We’re proud that we’re able to offer such an incredible experience for all who enter into our doors, especially our veterans. It’s our mission to ensure that every senior who lives within our walls feels like they are a special and unique addition to our community. 

If you’re interested in seeing what Reserve at Red Run can offer for you or your senior loved one, contact us today for more information.