A group of seniors enjoying breakfast together

Even though making the decision to move into senior living is a big one, it doesn’t have to be an unfortunate or unwelcome one! Senior living tends to have a bad reputation because many people are under the impression that it’s boring, which couldn’t be farther from the truth! Not only do the best facilities like our independent senior living in Madison Heights have amazing care and accessibility options, they also have incredible ways to make senior living fun. 

Here are some ways that senior living might be better than you think:


1. Less Maintenance and Housekeeping

No matter if you’re a senior or not, maintenance and housekeeping are some of the most exhausting parts of being a homeowner or a renter. The work that you need to do to your yard, for your appliances, and more can be extremely difficult to manage, and that doesn’t even include the cost!

The same can be said for housekeeping. Doing chores like laundry, vacuuming, and more can be extremely labor-intensive and require a lot of heavy lifting. For seniors, who tend to struggle more with mobility issues and carrying heavy weights, chores like these can be nearly impossible to accomplish alone. Not to mention the housekeeping chores like scrubbing toilets, scrubbing the bathtub, and others that require you to get onto your hands and knees. 

When you’re in a senior living apartment like the independent senior living in Madison Heights, those worries are a thing of the past. You don’t need to concern yourself with fixing the refrigerator when it breaks, or mowing the lawn, pressure-washing the house, or scrubbing the toilets. The amazing staff in these senior independent living communities are there with bells on to handle all of those unpleasant tasks for you. That’s a win!


2. More Accessible Apartment

Seniors tend to struggle with mobility issues, and trying to find an accessible apartment is a challenge. Tubs without a tall lip, doors that don’t have any kind of steps or barriers, bathrooms with accessibility handles, and more are all accommodations that many seniors need as they age. Regular apartments and homes simply don’t tend to have these features, since they’re not designed to cater to seniors. 

Senior independent living centers are, though. When you tour an apartment in a senior living facility like the senior independent living in Madison Heights, you’ll find yourself in a place that was specifically designed with these challenges in mind. Tubs with doors or walk-in showers, accessibility handles, wide spaces for walkers or wheelchairs, and more are there to make your living space more comfortable for those who need it the most. Plus, with the added bonus of not having to do the housekeeping, there’s not much of a downside!

A senior couple sits outside to drink their coffee at the independent senior living in Madison Heights

3. Amazing Amenities

So many seniors struggle with many things: going to the grocery store or food insecurity, heading to appointments on their own, basic hygiene like the dentist or barber, and more. At senior living centers, you don’t need to worry about these different aspects because so many of them are taken care of for you! 

While amenities do vary by location, senior living centers will always have a dining hall or some other kind of dining location for you to enjoy. That way, if you’re unable to make it to the grocery store to stock your apartment with food, you’ll always have a way to get something to eat. No food insecurity while you’re in senior living! Additionally, an increasing number of senior living centers are adding more features to their locations, like hair stylists that visit a couple of times a week. With an on-site stylist, you don’t have to worry about heading out to get your haircut again!

Amenities can also include a wide range of other incredible offerings like different classes for things like cooking, dancing, and painting; workout classes for yoga and tai chi; movie nights; group outings; and more. You’ll be shocked at the wide range of amenities that modern senior independent living centers can provide, all under your roof!


4. A Full Social Calendar

While moving away from home can be daunting, you’ll certainly never be lonely at our independent senior living in Madison Heights. Many of these centers are structures like miniature apartment buildings, so anywhere you go in the building you’ll be able to interact with your neighbors. Plus, so many senior independent centers offer an incredible amount of different social events for you to attend to make new friends!

When you feel like getting out of your apartment, check your center’s activities calendar to see if there’s anything interesting happening. Many senior facilities will have events like movie nights, social gatherings, brunches, group outings, dances, and more. There’s no shortage of things to do when you’re at a senior center! 

Additionally, you’ll always be surrounded by people who share similar interests to you. If you like to sew or cross-stitch, start up a sewing club for your center. Or, if you’re a big movie buff, have a get-together once a week for other big movie fans in the center. Even if you’re not a fan of what the facility has to offer, you can always create your own!


Independent Senior Living in Madison Heights

Senior centers, even if they are awesome facilities like our senior independent living in Madison Heights, tend to have a stigma surrounding them. People think that they’re dull and boring, that there’s nothing to do, and that the residents who live there sit in an easy chair or bed all day and watch television. But that couldn’t be further from the truth! 

Here at The Reserve at Red Run, we take pride in the incredible amenities, classes, and more that we have to offer. All of this, plus an amazing dining experience and a lack of housework make Reserve at Red Run the place to be for our senior residents. 

If you’re interested in making Reserve at Red Run your new home, then contact us and schedule a tour today!