A senior couple out on a fall hike

Being a senior independent living in Michigan doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy all of the same fun fall activities that you did before you moved! Now, more than ever, is the time to enjoy all of this time to yourself and make the most of your retirement. 

If you’re looking for some fun things to do and get involved in this fall, look no further! Here are a couple of suggestions to get into the fall spirit:


1.) Make Fall Themed Snacks and Treats

Who doesn’t love snacks? We can guarantee that at any age, snacks and treats are always going to be a hit. Why not make some fun fall themed snacks and sweets to get everyone in the spirit? 

Things like baked apples and pumpkin sugar cookies are not only delicious, they’re warm and cozy and feel like fall. They’re recipes that are easy to make and not super time consuming, but will make a huge impact. 

If you aren’t the biggest fan of baking, that’s okay too. Baking can be difficult and time consuming, and we’re definitely guilty of forgetting our cookies in the oven for a bit too long. That’s why a no bake cheesecake is a great bet! Adding a little pumpkin into the cheesecake makes for a sweet and delicious fall-themed treat that you and your friends and family will enjoy. 


2.) Prepare for Trick-or-Treaters

One of the best parts of fall is Halloween, and celebrating Halloween is fun for any age. If you’re feeling particularly festive, find your own halloween costume and dress up for the holiday! However, if dressing up isn’t your thing, that’s okay too. There are plenty of other ways to get involved at Halloween. 

If your senior independent living in Michigan allows kids to come and trick or treat, then get ready for them! Go out and get candy, decorate your door, and more. Make festive goody bags filled with candy and small toys for the kids, and you’re sure to be the door that the kids will want to come back to visit year after year.

Kids get excited when adults put forth the effort to make their fun holidays special, and they’ll remember the awesome senior who covered their door in spiderwebs and bright orange lights. 


3.) Enjoy the Outdoors

Going outside and enjoying the beautiful weather is one of the best parts about the changing seasons! Enjoy the weather in the way that is most comfortable for you. If you aren’t as active or mobile, you can head outside and sit on the porch, admiring the changing leaves, or you can open the windows and let the breeze roll in. 

However, if you are more mobile and easily able to get around, then there are many ways you can bask in the changing seasons. Fall is the perfect time to head to a local pumpkin patch and walk around the selection of pumpkins to decorate your home, and you can find the perfect pumpkin to carve! Or, if a pumpkin patch isn’t something you’d enjoy, simply take a walk around your local park to enjoy the weather and the changing leaves. 


4.) Decorate Your Home – and Make Your Own Decorations

Changing up the decorations in your home is always a fun part of having the seasons start to shift! Just because you’re living in senior independent living in Michigan doesn’t mean that you can’t make the space your own. 

Bust out the autumnal wreaths and garlands. Hang up fall artwork, or display branches from outside filled with colorful leaves in a vase as a centerpiece. Bring the warmth of the outdoors in!

Even if you aren’t crafty, it’s also good fun to create your own decorations. With oranges and cloves, you can make gorgeous orange pomanders that make your house smell like warm citrus. With fake leaves and some twine, you can make fun and easy leaf garlands to string around your home. If you did head to a pumpkin patch, use those pumpkins to make a beautiful centerpiece, tied with a festive ribbon. These are easy DIYs that look great but won’t drive you crazy to make!

A senior lighting a fall candle


5.) Tailgating Doesn’t Have to End as a Senior

Fall is football season, and football season means tailgating season. As a senior, you can still tailgate, even if it might look a little different than when you were younger!

Find a football game on television or attend a local high school or college game. Wear apparel from your favorite sports team and bring on the fun tailgating food: hot dogs, hamburgers, nachos, wings and more. If you’re living in senior independent living in Michigan, see if you can play the game on the television in the communal area and invite the other residents to come and “tailgate” with you. Or, if you want to keep it more low-key, set everything up in your apartment and invite some of your friends or family over to enjoy the fun. 

It’s fun, exciting, and most of all: easy! There’s no venturing out into the throng of people at a major football game, but there’s still all of the fun of watching the game with good food and good company on a comfortable couch. 


Independent Living in Michigan

Here at Reserve at Red Run, we want our residents to have a great time enjoying the seasons and enjoying their time with each other. Our multimedia room or resident lounge would be perfect for hosting a small tailgating event, and our outdoor patio and porch areas are perfect for enjoying the gorgeous fall weather. Plus, with our guest suites, the fun doesn’t have to end right away! Invite your friends or family to stay the night and enjoy more of the fall fun and activities the next day to keep the excitement going. 

If you’re interested in making Reserve at Red Run and our senior independent living in Michigan your new home, then contact us today!