A happy senior woman purchasing flowers while visiting a greenhouse

When springtime comes, it’s always a relief to be able to open the windows and let in the warm, fresh air that comes with it. Seeing the blooming flowers and the green grass gives a hopeful feeling to everyone, bringing a renewed sense of happiness. That’s no different here at our Madison Heights senior apartments

More than anyone, seniors need to experience the joy that comes from the start of the brand new spring season after a dark and dreary winter. Seniors are more prone to depression, anxiety, and loneliness than others, and having to sit through a dreary, dark, and cold winter only exacerbates that. 

However, at our Madison Heights senior apartments and other senior apartment centers around the country, we strive to help our seniors get the most out of the springtime sun by encouraging them to participate in different activities that they’re sure to love. 


1. Get outside and experience nature

Being stuck inside throughout the entirety of the cold winter is difficult for most people. The frigid air and the freezing chill of the cold and snow aren’t very conducive for spending a lot of time outside, and the potential for accidents involving ice and snow are extremely high. That’s why, when the warm air of spring finally starts to arrive, it’s time to get out of your home and head outside to spend some time in the sun!

Going outside doesn’t have to be a major event, and you don’t need to worry yourself about doing something extravagant just to go outside. Even spending a little time in the sun can work wonders for your mood! If you’re not eager to go out and do activities, try enjoying a cup of tea and a good book outside on the porch or even by an open window to let in the fresh spring air. Take your lunch outside or take a short walk.

If you are feeling more adventurous and want to get out of the house, then don’t be afraid to take the plunge and do just that! A scenic drive with the windows down can be amazing to experience the new season, or going to places to a plant nursery or a farmer’s market help you to get out of the house and find delicious food or gorgeous plants you can take back home with you. That’s a win-win!


2. Decorate for spring with spring or Easter decor

One of the best things about springtime is being able to enjoy all of the bright colors and beautiful decorations. Pastel colors, florals, and bees are all common themes in springtime decor that can just easily brighten up a room. So why not let your seniors decorate their space in these bright colors? 

If your senior loved one is religious, then they may also want to decorate for Easter. Add some removable wall decals to brighten up your space, or create your own decorations. Even better, see if your kids or grandkids can create some decorations for you to use for a little springtime fun. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy the bright colors of spring while having a piece of your family there with you. It’s a win-win!

A senior man painting Easter eggs with his granddaughter at the Madison Heights senior apartments

3. Plan a family gathering 

Family gatherings are made even better when you get to enjoy them outside in the warm sun. Have your family come to visit you and plan a picnic outside in a park or even on the grounds at our Madison Heights senior apartments. Allow your family to spend some time outside with you so you all can soak up the warm rays of the sun. 

If you celebrate Easter, you might consider having an Easter egg hunt, too! Have your grandkids help you dye Easter eggs and have an Easter egg hunt in your apartment, home, or outside on the grounds. Your grandkids are sure to love it, and it’s a fun activity to do for the whole family. 


4. Bring some of the outside to the inside 

One of the best parts of springtime is the beautiful blooming plants and flowers. So why not bring some of the outside to the inside of your home by starting an indoor garden

Many plants like herbs are easily grown inside with basic care. If you or your senior loved one is someone who loves to cook or has a green thumb, then having a small indoor herb garden is a perfect way to bring a little greenery inside of their home! Plus, herb gardens don’t have to be a massive undertaking like so many other types of gardens are. 

If you or your loved one aren’t quite as talented with keeping plants alive – like so many people are – then consider getting some fake flowers to fill in the spaces. Silk  flowers make for beautiful decorations without all of the maintenance, and they look realistic to boot! Plus, because they’re fake, their beauty lasts for quite a long time. 

If you’d prefer a more low-maintenance plant, then consider getting a succulent or a cactus. They don’t need much water, and as long as you place them in a nice sunny spot, you can forget to water them for a few days and still have them be bright green and beautiful. It’s an easy fix for someone who doesn’t always remember to water their plants!


Luxury Madison Heights Senior Apartments

Here at The Reserve at Red Run’s Madison Heights senior apartments, spring is in the air. We encourage all of our seniors to embrace the new season however they deem fit, whether that’s going on a walk outside, enjoying lunch on the patio at one of our on-site restaurants, inviting their families to come and visit, or even helping the staff with a bit of housekeeping. Whatever makes them the most happy, that’s what we encourage our seniors to do. 

If you’re interested in spending your springtime at The Reserve at Red Run, contact us and schedule a tour today!