A group of senior friends having dinner together at one of the best senior independent living communities in Madison Heights

When seniors get above a certain age, they start putting a lot of thought into moving somewhere that makes more sense for them physically, emotionally, and financially. For some seniors, they believe that it’s best to move to a retirement community or an assisted living center, where they’ll be able to get a little more help but still live as independently as possible. For other seniors, they simply decide that it’s too much work to take care of their own home or apartment, and want to head into retirement with a stress-free life and stress-free mindset. 

If you’ve been considering independent living, you’re likely in the second category. Apart from ways to make your life a little bit easier, living in senior independent communities in Madison Heights or across the country is just like living on your own – but with perks. 

Thinking about moving into an independent living community? Here are some of the benefits that you can look forward to: 


1. Keeping an Active Lifestyle

Whether you’re living in any of the senior independent communities in Madison Heights, MI or in sunny Florida, senior independent living communities across the country offer ways to get up and get active, no matter your current activity level. You might find something you’ve never tried before has suddenly become a passion of yours, all because you had the opportunity to get out and get active in a new way. 

Here at Reserve at Red Run’s senior independent communities in Madison Heights, we offer a number of ways to get your body moving in new and exciting ways. Whether you’re looking for something more low impact like yoga or tai chi, or you’re interested in a bit more of an intense activity like a personal training session, Reserve at Red Run has it all. You’re free to try out what you like, and if you ever want to move on to a different activity, you’re always welcome to!


2. Freedom and Flexibility to do What You Want

Because there is so much to do at independent senior communities, you don’t have to feel trapped in the same old routine that you’re used to. With a community comes a huge wave of exciting new classes and activities for you to do at your own pace and on your own timeline. For example, if you aren’t a big fan of cooking, you won’t be forced to sit through a whole season of cooking classes just because that’s what everyone else is doing. Instead, go take an art class or join a book club. You aren’t pigeonholed into a certain type of schedule. You’re able to do what you want, when you want to do it. 


3. On-site Healthcare and Wellness Programs

You never want to think that the worst may happen, but knowing that there are on-site healthcare and wellness programs at many independent senior living centers eases the hearts and minds of many residents and their families. Many senior communities have a resident doctor that will come to assist with any medical issues, and the staff are trained on medication dispense. While it’s the hope of every resident that they never need to make use of these services, knowing that they’re an option brings a lot of comfort for those who are interested in checking out what each center has to offer. 


4. Pet-friendly Environment

Did you know that quite a few independent living communities are pet-friendly? That’s a massive relief for many seniors who are looking to move into a retirement community but aren’t willing to leave their four-legged best friends behind. Just like an apartment complex, many independent senior centers welcome their residents’ animals, as having a furry companion adds an extra special touch to a new and sometimes scary place. If you’re considering moving into a retirement community, see if they allow pets. You might be surprised!

A happy senior woman hugging her small dog while out on a walk

5. Maintenance-free Living

When you live on your own, there are a lot of tasks that you have to handle. Laundry, housework, yardwork, maintenance and repairs… the list going on and on. It never seems like the work is done when you’re living on your own. In a senior living community, though, you have the freedom to be your truest self without having to get caught up in mundane activities.

When you live in an independent living center, all of your daily chores are a thing of the past. The friendly, well-trained staff can help you to do all of the tedious chores that you’d typically have to worry about in the day-to-day, like vacuuming, laundry, and more. With the community staff taking care of these chores, you have more time to do the things that you love to do and the activities that you enjoy. Let them sweat the small stuff!


6. Safety and Security

A major worry in any new home is a sense of security. Retirement communities go out of their way to ensure every single resident feels safe, secure, and happy in their apartments. Many senior communities also come with additional features like alarms and security guards to provide an extra layer of protection to the residents who live there. Ask the communities you’re interested in what they do to keep their residents safe!


Living Your Best Life in Senior Independent Communities in Madison Heights

Just because you’re moving into an independent living center doesn’t mean that your life is over. In fact, for many people, moving into an independent senior community is the start of their brand new life! With all of the incredible features, the lack of worry about housekeeping, and the opportunities to try out new activities and skills, independent living communities can become a haven for seniors who are looking for something new and exciting. Let The Reserve at Red Run become that place for you. 

If you’re interested in seeing all of what Reserve at Red Run can provide to you, contact us and schedule a tour today to see what we can offer!